Friday 6 February 2015

2015-01-25 Conwy Wargames Club X Wing game

It turned out that my game was the only game on Sunday and I had 4 eager players, Dave, Pete, Dickey and Tony. Nobody had played before so this was their first introduction in to space fighter combat.

The Scenario:

After the battle of Hoth the rebels focused on improving their fighter capability. A prototype A wing escorted by 2 X wings is jumped by a 3 TIEs and a Tie Advanced. The A Wing needed to get away and the TIE's needed to get back with the new intel.


1 x TIE Academy Pilot
1 x TIE Advanced basic pilot

2 x TIE Academy Pilots


1 x A Wing Prototype

1 x X wing Rookie Pilot

1 x X Wing Rookie Pilot

The Game
The Rebels need to exit by the yellow tape measure

The Imperials started from 2 sides and the Rebels the other. I didn't stick to a set board size and just worked with the space available.

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The A wing prototype flies straight as fast as it can while it's escorts try and keep up. The Imperials attempt to set themselves up for interception.

The A wing tries to through the Imperials off but takes shots after an ill judged move losing it's shields. Similarly an ill placed X Wing loses a shield  while  Daves' X Wing and Dickeys' Tie Advance  blaze away with Dave losing his shields and the TIE Advanced one of its' own.

The A Wing pulls a stress manoeuvre to get of trouble and succeeds to stress it's self in to the cross hairs of 2 Imperial fighters. Both X Wings get stuck in.

1 TIE less

A stunning set of moves leaves all of  us out of position and target-less

While the TIE's move in only Dave's X Wing keeps up with the  A Wing. Petes' X Wing seems to be having a navigational error . They don't make Astromechs like they used too.

Dickeys' TIE Advance chases the A Wing

Tonys' TIE takes a wrong turn

The TIE's recover quickly and get a shot at the A Wing from 3 sides and no more A wing

Another shot of the gap left by the A Wing. The Imperials now needed to see off the escorts and get home with the intel on the prototype.

Swirling manoeuvres and not a target in sight.

Petes' X Wing still off in the distance but getting closer

Dave and Dickeys' ships kissed and couldn't target each other. While Tonys' and Dickeys'  TIE And TIE Advanced tried to take down Petes' X Wing bow back in the fight.

The unfortunate overlap

Dickey brought along some supporters

Everyone out of position again and rapidly turning

Close of Daves' X Wing and Dickeys' TIE

Close of Petes' X Wing and Dickeys' TIE Advanced and Tonys' surviving TIE

Using a laser pointer to test if Tonys' TIE had a shot

Laser pointer from another angle, plus a lovely shot of both X Wings overlapping.

Where the other TIEs are during this debacle. Shortly after this the TIE Advanced and Tonys' last TIE were destroyed. The excitement was too much during the Rebels most successful move that I forgot to photograph it.

Back on target for the final TIE

Jockeying for position

This takes some time

Still not in range

Getting closer

The TIE slips past and heads for home on the opposite table edge. It's now a race to catch it.

Dickeys' fleeing TIE with the vital info on the performance of the A Wing prototype.

Can the X Wings catch Dickey

Dickey shrugs off the incoming fire and survives for another move

Another round of great dice for the Imperials and escape!

On points the Rebels won, on scenario objectives the Imperials won destroying the A Wing and getting away with the information. However so did the Rebels. The A Wing will be ready in time for the battle of Endor!

The game worked really well and the basics were thoroughly tested. Next I'll need to introduce add on's.

Everyone enjoyed themselves. There was talk of buying their own copies, and how to use the rules for squadrons. The Megalomaniacs job is done!