Friday 22 March 2013

Doctor Who Adventures Magazine Daleks

Thanks to the Doctor Who Miniatures Game - DWG WG facebook page tip I rushed out yesterday to purchase 12 free Daleks given away in the Doctor Who Adventures comic. I say free, not having little ones as an excuse or definitely too old for the target market, I paid £2.70 for 12 hard plastic Daleks. The models are cast in 2 halves and are hollow and are the new love 'em or hate 'em design. Since I'm of the view any Dalek is better than no Daleks I'm a proud owner of  36 of the lovelies. The plastic is the same type used in Airfix models and I've broken a laser already due to my rough handling as I though they would be the soft plastic the Silurians and Weeping Angels were made of.

They look the right scale, this picture has a 28mm Warlord Games Crimean War Brit for comparison.