Sunday 26 June 2016

Today's game is Vietnam

Off to the monthly club game today. The 15mm Napoleonic game has been postponed due to civic duties of the host, but the Force on Force 20mm Vietnam game is on.

I've never played a game set in the Vietnam war so I'm looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to giving the Force on Force rules another go. They were very different to what I am used to but I enjoyed the last game.

Friday 17 June 2016

Currently enjoying ...

... reading Glory Hallelujah the new ACW Black Powder rules supplement from Warlord Games.  It's very well written with lots of excellent pictures of toys in action and posing. It has nice potted history and summary of weapons and tactics. I've yet to read the scenario section but the content so far has got me thinking of  dusting off the old 15mm collection.

The other things it has got me thinking is how the optional rules could be used or adapted for other nineteenth century wars namely the Crimean War, Franco Prussian War, and the Mexican adventure all of which I have figures for. The Crimean War armies are still being painted, it's only taken me about 6 years so far.

The supplement has ideas on forts - of definite use for the Crimea and for fighting around Paris in 1871. I liked the ideas on rifled muskets and artillery as well. I suspect I'll have more thoughts to follow.

The Zulu war was another thought that skipped through my head when I read the optional rule for dismounted cavalry, where they use a rule mechanism similar to horse artillery. I've always fancied a scenario where the irregular horse contact and then conduct a retreat holding up the advancing Zulu impi and this rule would work nicely with this.

Monday 13 June 2016

Conwy Wargames Club venue

Having left our previous venue after 14 years and tried out 3 new venues we've selected one as our preferred future meeting place. We've currently secured Creuddyn leisure centre for the last Sunday in each month 12 - 5 up to October and hopefully we can set something up longer term.

Being typical wargamers we worked out the biggest table we could set up which is probably bigger than all the terrain we all own put together.

The venue also has excellent parking for unloading toys and importantly excellent wheel chair access.

Sunday 12 June 2016

Battle Group Wacht Am Rhein book

I really like this new supplement for the Battle Group rules by Iron Fist publishing. It's a much thinner book than their usual tomes and soft back rather than hard back. However it is still packed full of photos and info. The reason it's thinner is that most of the army lists are already available in the Overlord book and the additional lists required to recreate battles in this campaign are in this book, with suitable reference to required lists if you want to use these forces.

Unlike other wargames scenarios I've seen I like that this book focused on the most used units and included these in the scenarios. This is not a book full of King Tigers romping through the woods, although it won't stop you playing these type of games. I own more Tigers of various models than I should.

I'm a big fan of the rules and books and I wasn't disappointed with this format and I look forward to the promised additional books covering other famous battles like those in Hungary and a firm favourite Operation Market Garden.  

Saturday 11 June 2016

10mm Dinosaur game

Mel put on an interesting 10mm dinosaur hunt game in May. One player controlled the carnivores and the other the herbivores. The aim of the game was simple avoid being eaten if you're a herbivore.

Everyone had fun with this quick game. To my shame I've forgotten the rules used, but I know Mel wants to add a points system to it so that it can work with multiple players rather than 2. The rules as it stand have the game end once a kill has been made.

The figures are from Magister Militum.

Friday 10 June 2016

28mm Gladiator game - Ludus Gladiatorius

At May's club meeting Chris hosted a 28mm gladiator game using the Ludus Gladiatorius rules. The figures are from EMP. Everyone enjoyed the game, finding games with lots of players being the best.

Chris had a 54mm figure version but didn't have them with him which was a shame.