Wednesday 16 January 2013

Next Battle Group Kursk game

Weather permitting our next game will be this Saturday. Since there will be 4 of us the next scenario in the campaign in my opinion is too small. So instead we're planning a 2000 point game. I want to have a Soviet defence German attack game in the vain of the first days of Kursk..

I found on the web an article that details Soviet defences and in particular Kursk.

So within the limits of my terrain and points allowed I aim to put together a homage to the defences. As host I am in charge of the Soviets forces and one of the chaps is putting the Germans together which I should have tonight. Tomorrow I will set it all out terrain, Soviets and Germans and iron out any kinks e.g. discover gaps in the collection.

Ironic that I will put away the snow terrain for summer steppes just before an amber warning of kiddies delight arrives.