Sunday 27 April 2014

X Wing fun

I met up with friends at a friends house this afternoon for a catch up and and a game of X Wing. I've not had much time to play this year so it was nice to switch off from life's cares and take command of a flight of Imperial craft to take down some rebel scum.

I didn't take any photos but I'll set the scene. The board was a kitchen table with no adornments with a playing space approx. 2.5ft by 4ft.

I lined 2 x TIEs level 5 and 6, 1x Advanced TIE level 4 and a TIE Bomber level 6. The irony that the Advanced TIE had to worst pilot was not lost on me.

The rebels were represented by Han in the Falcon and Wedge in his X wing both level 9's.

The first pass was a straight charge down the table with a bit of weaving and 3 goes later concentrated firing from my TIE's and Wedge was dust. We all thought this was the end of the Falcon as no Imperial ship had been destroyed although 1 TIE had been hurt.

The Falcon developed a tactic of flying in close to 1 or 2 attackers touching bases so that they couldn't fire. By staying close the proton torpedoes and concussion missiles on the bomber couldn't be used as the range was too short. Combined with 360 degree of the turbo lasers my ships were taking hits.

The game lasted 3 hours and Han's nifty flying whittled the TIE's down to 1 barely unscathed fighter and the Falcon had 8 hits left. At this point we called it a day as by now my TIE had to do a bit of flying to get the Falcon back in to it's arc of fire. What a turn around (and ironically a phrase that well describes Han's flying).

A surprise result what a great fun.

I do love the ease X Wing allows you to put on a game and fun.

As a bonus I got to flick through my mates copy of Battle Group Barbarossa. Very nicely produced with  some stats for Romanians and Finns. I noticed Hungarian gun stats but no vehicle listings so I'll need to look closer next time. I can't wait to get my own copy.

Sunday 13 April 2014

Post Salute Posts

I've been to Salute once back in the mists of time and another venue ago and enjoyed it. I remember joyfully sitting on the floor and my wife and I shared sandwiches. Yes, it was that long ago that my wife still accompanied me to shows before realising she had better things to do!

Although I don't go I do enjoy the weekend looking at all the blog posts of lovely games and new stuff coming out in the future.

So thanks to all the folks who share the eye candy.