Thursday 17 November 2016

Pirates of the Caribbean

'Pirates of the Caribbean' was the title of the scenario handed to me, Gaz and Tony by Pete who organised the game set in 1752 during the Seven Years War. Pete had found the scenario in one of the wargame magazines.

The Scenario

In 1752 the British Admiralty signed a treaty (unofficially) with a known pirate Francis L'Ollanais who was based in the island of Anguilla. The treaty allowed the pirates to continue their trade on everyone but the British. Admiralty also agreed to improve the pirate harbours' defences.

When Spain and France found out they were outraged and organised an expedition to destroy the harbour. Spain provided money and use of Fort Augustine, while the French provided the ships and troops who were already based in the region. The French Comte de Lowerdal was appointed commander.

The British were aware the French were coming as the French were delayed by storms, other problems and the loss of many of their horses. Regardless the Comte decided to continue with the plan.

The Comte had learnt that the pirates kept their powder and spoils in the same building and capturing this would deliver a knock out punch. The French army landed unopposed and formed up with the artillery in the middle and the infantry on the flanks.


1. Find the powder and gold
2. The Comte commands' the artillery and grenadiers, the 2 brigadiers the infantry. The brigadiers hated each other so first to get to the gold wins the glory

French special rules:
Off table sloop Canteloup (6 guns) will provide fire support on a score of 3+ D6. 1 or 2 and it is stuck on a sand bank.

1. Protect the gold - place a Gold bar in one of the houses

Pirate special rules:
Pirate/British gun crews man the fortifications at the start. The pirate crews arrive turn 1, the British arrive on a D6 score of 6 on turn 1, 5 turn 2 etc

The Forces


The Comte (we rolled dice to see which French player got his request for artillery granted)
5 x guns
Grenadiers (Umpire controlled - required a request from French player)

The Maquis (played by Gaz)
6 battalions
1 small unit of skirmishers

The Prince (played by moi)
6 battalions
1 small unit of skirmishers

Pirates/British (played by Tony)

5 x guns in fortifications
4 x pirate crews
1 x British Grenadiers

The Game

My columns lead by dismounted hussars in skirmish order. The artillery is on the hill on the left

My personal figures are the long columns

The French centre with the artillery on the hill supported by the grenadiers. Gaz's columns are in the distance

The Pirate fortifications

Guns manned by the Royal Navy

More British Jack Tars

... and another gun

Calm before the storm

The French advance to storm the fortifications

The pirate crews rush forward to defend the town

Lovely figures from Foundry painted by Pete's mate

Tony's excellent dice allowed the British composite Grenadier battalion to arrive on the first move

Really bad picture of the Pirate leaders flag

A little better view of the flag

A good example on how to focus 

My representative figure on the battlefield

Gaz's alter ego

Gaz's troops fail their command roll

Pirates rush to the defences as my troops keep advancing under the cover of the guns of the sloop

The pirate captains

White smoke shows who is disordered, and the red dice behind units indicates casualties.

My advance now stalls so my Hussar skirmishers rush forward to keep up the pressure 

As my advance stalls I retain support from  the sloop which disorders the pirates in the redoubt to my right.

My lovely Hussars - Pete's collection

Disordered pirates look on

The pirate centre my objective

Looking pretty

Both French columns resume their advance and the race is on. I have the honor of the first unit in to the pirate defences

I drop my unit with the most casualties to the rear of my attack


Quite a few French units are now disordered mainly from the guns

In the distance the troops facing my right are all disordered ripe for a charge

Not charging fast enough

Another of my units disordered

I reinforce the melee in the centre as Gaz marches his troops through a gap in the unfinished pirate defences.

My attack is looking good but only 1 unit doesn't have casualties

I break!

My left attack on the centre fails, I'm now relying on my right attack. Meanwhile Gaz disorders the British Grenadiers at the top of the picture

Gaz's advance on the town. Disordered British Grenadiers on the right

My attack viewed from the town

Gaz's breakthrough

My left the French centre breaks

Horrors! My right attack flounders just as I was about to break through. Disorder for both sides but the black smoke shows my forces are shaken.

Every one of my units are either disordered or shaken or melted away completely! My brigade is broken.

So close

One more effort and I'd be across those defences but the dice wasn't with me.

Even my brave Hussars were disordered

My competition in this game Gaz is now France's only hope of victory

... and it's looking good and his storms through the defences

He does take casualties but like myself leaped frogged this worn down units with fresh ones

His attack goes in. 3 against 1.  The 1 has already fallen back disordered

... the beaten pirates are hiding behind the building

I think we've found the Gold!

When I say we, I mean Gaz. The Maquis gets all the glory and the gold. Victory to the French.

Pete put on a great game, and Tony's pirates with British help put up a spirited fight. In my glory seeking I made Tony focus on me allowing Gaz to slip in having pinned the British Grenadiers in place leaving the way to the town open. I liked Gaz's use of 2 lines which worked well unlike my 1 which left me with no reserves.

We had a lot of fun playing this and the Black Powder rules worked a treat.