Monday 21 September 2015

Battle System Urban Apocalypse terrain kick starter

Battle Systems have another great Kickstarter running for their urban apocalypse terrain. I loved their first Kickstarter and I am a proud owner of their Scifi terrain - and one day when the house is not a building site I'll dust it off and actually play with it.

Regardless of having not used my first purchase, when they announced their third Kickstarter I new I was doomed to invest again. I skipped the dungeon terrain, which if I'd had the money I would have invested in.

You can see what they are offering at:

I went for the £152 pledge to get 4x2 board (2 sets). Like the Scifi terrain I want to use it for my Dr Who Miniatures game, 7ombieTV and 7TV games. The Police station has just been unlocked as a freebie which is great since I have a lot of law enforcement. I'm wondering whether I can use my Ghostbuster team with it, when I get round to buying some ghosts.  Another idea inspired by the figures currently coming out that are like Cylon centurions is urban fighting on Caprica.