Tuesday 3 April 2018

Conwy Wargames Club March WW2 game

Dave put an Eastern front game with his and Gaz’s 28mm collections. Dave used the Rules of Engagement rules. It was an attack defence game, with the Germans defending.

The Game:

My iPad photos has managed to load the pics in reverse order. The infantry rules worked well, but tanks not so well. A T70 was hit my 88mm, panzerfaust, Pak 40 and some bad dice throws and survived the lot.

The End - we  played with hidden units until spotted. On the last move all the Germans were revealed. The likelihood of a Soviet victory was slim, although I reckon the first line of defence would be broken.

More kitties

The invinsible T70

The Soviet thrust down the centre and right flank - which not surprisingly turned out to be the most heavily defended.


Human waves spearheaded by tank riding troops on light tanks. T34s  at the rear gearing up to charge down the road.

Red horde

Anachronistically the Soviets laid smoke