Saturday 15 August 2015

WW2 US Marines ready

I was asked to bring a battalion of US Marines for the game tomorrow at the village hall and I managed to put together a full US Marine regiment of 3 battalions. Admittedly I have had to draft some WW2 US paras, Korean War Turks and WW2 US infantry to achieve it. The US Marines were actually purchased for my Korean games but as they are actually WW2 figures, since the early war uniform was the same, it seems fitting to use them. I didn't have any 37mm guns so I have made do with heavier looking ones. The SPM has been leased back from the Soviets.

The DUKWS, Jeeps and trucks are not part of the regiment stats I found on the web, but I'm taking just in case they are needed.

I also added in 2 Type 95 tanks and 2 trucks for the Japs.