Monday 22 August 2016

X Wing additions

To celebrate surviving another year my loved ones stocked me up with the latest (they've been out a while) X wing wave. I'm now only missing the Imperial Raider from the fleet. The day I received the reinforcements I spotted that X Wing and Armada have new waves coming out and I know it's early but Santa has been informed.

As always they are beautiful models. I now have all the Bounty Hunter's ships from 'The Empire Strikes Back', and the additional 'Force Awakens' ships. I haven't yet caught up with the cartoon 'Rebels' but I like the ships, and I loved the 'Clone Wars' cartoons. I think I need add to my list to Santa.

Battle Systems Urban Apocalypse terrain

Many moons ago the perfect terrain for me appeared as a Kickstarter (last Oct) run by Battle Systems. This is a company that in my opinion run excellent kick starter campaigns, lots of add on's and your always kept up to date with what is going on, plus a great sense of humour.

If you haven't guest from this post I can reveal it arrived last week. I have the Scifi terrain and this is better. I love the rubberised playing mat. The card is sturdy, lots of detail and atmospheric perfect for my zombie and 7TV games.

In fact the sets imminent arrival inspired me to get the second edition of the 7TV rules. I like the idea that this edition is simpler and easy to play with groups. I haven't read them yet so can't comment. The production is nice, but I miss the lovely hardback of the 1st edition.

Now I just need to finish off the wargames room(s) so I have somewhere to make this stuff and store it. Yes I confess I still haven't made the Scifi terrain.