Monday 25 April 2016

Conwy Wargames Club X Wing game

Dave umpired our April game and supplied the Imperials and I supplied the Scum and Villainy faction. We met at a new venue for us the Pensychnant Conservation Centre. The house was arts and crafts building which was stunning to look at, unfortunately my phone battery died so I couldn't take any photos of it. They served good tea too.

The scenario

Darth Vader is being escorted in his shuttle to a meeting to plan the downfall of the rebellion. Bossk and IG88 see an easy target to capture and make some money!

The forces 100 points

Scum and Villainy

Commanded by me

Commanded by Gaz

Commanded by Chris

Commanded by Chris

Commanded by Tony

The Game
The table was only 2ft wide so it literally was a tight game.

.... and there off. Both sides hurtle towards each other, but not yet in range

Bossk uses his secondary firing arc to target Tony's TIE and misses. Tony's Phantom is cloaked so can't fire. IG88 targets the shuttle and causes some damage, while receiving none in return.

Bossk slows catching out Tony's TIE which just scrapes in front of the Hounds Tooth

... very close

Bossk opens fire but the TIE survives

The shuttle and IG88 impede each other from firing. Chris's TIE tours the board while Tony opens fire on Bossk with everything and reduces his shields

Bossk shoots at the shuttle and causes some critical damage

IG88 pulls a segnors loop and causes more damage on the shuttle. Tony's Phantom flies past the assassin droid misjudging the direction it would take. His TIE meanwhile kept firing at Bossk and causes further shield loss. Chris's TIE still tours the board, and desperately tries to stay on it!

Bossk claims glory by blowing up the shuttle just as Tony reduces his final shields and begins to damage the hull. IG88 is unscathed and ready to take on the remaining Imperials so that it and Bossk can rob the shuttle wreckage for plunder. Unwittingly the criminal duo have aided the rebellion greatly.

Meanwhile Darth Vader spins in space towards the cloaked TIE Phantom to make his get away to fight another day. Cue music...