Friday 2 January 2015

Wargames Eyrie - Room 4 home of the big board

The fourth and final room of the planned Wargames Eyrie. I want a 12ft x 6ft board in here.

In the old house I based this on 8 kitchen cabinets which served as storage. The units were split in 2, with 6 cabinets a gap then the equivalent of 2 more cabinets. The 6 cabinet base was used for a 6x4 or 8x6 board before extending to 12 x 6. You probably guess I had 3 6x4 boards that at the smallest configuration were stacked on top of each other.  I had planned to do the same here but I am not sure.

I may try cabinets on wheels to give more flexibility. I am not planning to put any storage on the walls to maximise space for chairs. I like to use office chairs so when you're tired you can glide up and down the board with a push of your legs. This luxury started because in the old house the only space chairs I had were office chairs.

View from the right hand corner looking towards the front of the house. This room  has the lowest ceiling of them all.

View from the left hand corner towards the front. The door near the centre of the photo leads to an en-suite which will be knocked out and the door blocked up. 

From the front left hand corner looking back. All the walls and ceiling are textured so need stripping back.

The view

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