Sunday 19 May 2013

25/28mm Crimean War and 1866 figure compatibility

As promised here are some pictures of  Warlord and Foundry Crimean War figures side by side. As previously posted I was able to compare a Foundry figure with a Great War Miniatures one and found that the infantry were roughly compatible. The Great War figure was taller than Foundry, and similar in height to Warlord Games' Crimean figures. I found the cavalry for both Great War Miniatures and Warlord Games to be a similar height and much bigger that Foundry, see the Warlord and Foundry comparison photos below. Interestingly the Great War Miniatures Russian Hussar in cap was smaller than their 17th Lancer figures and to my eye just a millimetre or so off the Foundry figure height and horse size. I think the fact the horse was not galloping with it's legs extended helped a lot with this. I'd probably use this particularly figure with my Foundry cavalry.

Since I was taking photos I've added in North Star's 1866 Prussians as well. I have Franco-Prussian War armies and I fancy branching out in to the Austro-Prussian War. The method in my madness being the FPW French are suitable for the Crimea (ignore the Chassepot and a minor uniform difference) and the Prussians are suitable to fight the Austrians.

Warlord games left,  Foundry right. The Warlord figure is taller but his pose of slightly leaning forward brings him close to the Foundry figure height.

Warlord Games on the left and Foundry on the right. The horse size stands out immediately.

Warlord Games on the left and Foundry on the right. The horse size again stands out immediately, and in this photo the Foundry cavalry man is much smaller. Interestingly the rump of both horses are the same height and the legs seem a similar length. If the Warlord horse had it's head down then these two wouldn't look that different. Although not shown when the riders are put on, the Warlord figure is taller by a couple of millimetres, enough for me not to dare mix them.

Warlord, Foundry, Foundry, Warlord

Here is a selection of the Crimean armies slowly being built. The majority are Foundry with one unit of Warlord in this mix. I can't tell them a part easily at this my normal wargaming viewing height. So for me I reckon I can mix Warlord and Great War Miniatures infantry which is great as it gives me more choice.

A Foundry battalion in front and Warlord at the rear. The height difference is not noticeable, at least to me.

Side shot. Warlord to the left and Foundry to the right. The Warlord figures have more detail than Foundry.

A slightly less blurred side shot.

The same figures, Warlord battalion behind the Foundry one. From wargaming height the differences are not noticeable to me.

Warlord, North Star, North Star, Foundry. The North Star 1866 officer is a perfect match for Foundry, the bugler is a little taller. The North Star 1866 are a little bulkier than Foundry. I would be happy to use both, as I do like some of the North Star poses, especially their charging infantry.

Warlord, Foundry, North Star 1866. I think the North Star figure is a good in between size and would work with both, but since it's only Foundry that I need to match then I think North Star work.  So a result for me, I can use North Star Prussian cavalry as well.