Thursday 18 October 2012

7TV Blakes 7

Lucky day today, my Crooked Dice order arrived. I'm now the proud owner of 2 figures billed as Freedom Fighters who will do nicely as Rog Blake and Gan. Just another 5 to go. I already have the Federation baddies including Survillan and Travis look a likes. I plan to use the terrain I purchased at the Derby show from Battle Systems I also need to come up with some rule amendments to give a 7TV game a more Blake 7 feel, although the Crooked Dice forum hints that there may be a set coming from them. As for scenarios I just need to write down the ideas in my head.

X Wing

The X Wing game box arrived today from Mr Amazon. The models are very nice, but feel quite delicate. The rules look very straight forward and what's more there isn't a lot of them which always pleases me. I watched the demo on Fantasy Flights website and the rules look good fun. Considering I haven't read the rules in full or played a game yet, I'm already hankering after the expansion packs. Why do you ask? well I've now grasped that they contain cards for different pilots like Wedge Antilles of Rogue Squadron fame. I've already been told off for making flying noises with the models. What would she say if she could hear the music in my head... dum dum dum duuumm dum dumdum duuumm ...