Thursday 25 April 2019

Battle Group Market Garden Game 2

My second game at the Battlegroup Market Garden campaign hosted by the Deeside Defenders last year took place on a very open and marshy terrain.

Artillery ready for whatever 


The Germans grab the first objective

The Germans obligingly come towards me

Germans making good use of the road

A well place German machine gun dominates the tracks

My PIAT team move forward to have a go at the armoured car sat on an objective

The cover is getting crowded

I secure an objective

German armour advances

My paras wait patiently

Very cosy

My PIAT does it's job and the paras charge forward and take a 2nd objective

My artillery thins out the German infantry

3 tokens not enough to break. It was a long game and the Paras won in the end against a gentleman of an opponent. My first victory of the weekend.