Monday 29 July 2013

Hail Caesar Britannia book

Managed to pick up my copy today from the Post Office having missed the delivery on Friday. I only got to glance at it today as it will be spirited away for my birthday. That glance allowed me to see that the book provides 2 campaigns, Caractacus and Boudicea. The pages that grabbed my interest were a list of the main tribes of Britain and suggested army make up and terrain to fight on. I also saw a list of the Roman units in Britain. I'm looking forward to reading the detail. The book is nicely laid out, with plenty of pictures and interesting factual asides to the main text. I could churlishly fault it for relying too heavily on Warlords own range of figures for the pictures, and perhaps not enough tabletop battle scenes, but I am not surprised and the pictures provided are excellent. I am not a fan of some Warlords exuberant figure poses, especially on the horsemen. I love their chariots, which I have in the lead mountain keeping a unit of slingers company. The only other fault is that my copy has some page damage caused by the spine bindings, but not enough for me to ask for a replacement.

Roll on my birthday so I can give it a proper read.