Monday 5 December 2016

Christmas 7TV game Moon Nazi brief

I didn't leave the Moon Nazi's out when I made the briefs. This is what I gave them:

Episode 3 'He's making a list, he's checking it twice'

In WW2 they wanted Europe now they want the Earth. They have bided their time on the dark side of the Moon since 1945 and now is the time to act.
The Moon Fuhrer’s scientists have learnt from the captured sleigh how to spot the energy signatures of Santa’s mysterious technology. This information has led the SD to identify various circular bases dotted around the globe protected by a force field that makes them invisible to the naked eye and impervious to the Earth powers intelligence gathering apparatus. IT is VITAL to find out more and how it can be used by the Reich.
Operation Snowglobe has set out off to investigate using the latest Moon Nazi tunnelling tool to dig under the force field.

Cast      50 points of Moon Nazis traveling in the Aufklarungsmol Diggywinks

Marine-SS Obertsfuhrer Otto von Krank - Villainous Star - Despotic Dictator
Marine-SS Untersturmfuhrer Lebkuchen (Mr Gingerbread) - Villainous Co-star -                                                                                                            Jackbooted Sadist
Dr Engel - Villainous Co-star - Mad Scientist
Marine-SS Rottenfuhrer - Villainous Extra - Minion Commander
Marine-SS Schutze x  8 (7 if take MG)- Villainous Extra - Minion 
Marine-SS Support - Heroic Extra - Army Support Team (my packs didn't have the                                                                                                   version for villains)
Aufklarungsmol Schutze Gruber - Neutral Extra - Explosives expert
Aufklarungsmol Schutze Klaus - Neutral Extra - Technician

The episode takes place on a 4’ by 4’ table in Artic circle. Aufklarungsmol Diggywinks has emerged under the force field in one corner. A cabin can be seen in the centre and a wondrous device in the other corner. The rest of the board is rolling hills and scattered trees.

Set Up  
Moon Nazis deploy 10” in from their base edge and 10” around the Aufklarungsmol Diggywinks  

And …Action  Moon Nazi’s go first

Special Rules
Mind test required inside the cabin to learn it’s secrets
Mind test on any stunned opponent in base contact means you’ve successfully searched them for information.
Aufklarungsmol Diggywinks cannot move but can be destroyed after 4 hits.
Choose between the Panzerfaust or the MG for support. 
MG takes 2 plot points because my unit is based as 3 figures. It has 3 health rather than 2. Reduce the Schutze minions by 1 figure.

End Credits
Once all surviving cast members are inside the Aufklarungsmol Diggywinks the game ends as they retreat back down the tunnel.
The game will end if the Aufklarungsmol Diggywinks is destroyed as you will be overwhelmed by Santa’s reinforcements.

Victory Points

Victory Point Difference
Level of Victory
Minor Victory
Decisive Victory
Crushing Victory
Epic Victory

Victory Condition
VPs Gained
Enemy has no models in play
Do not also gain VP for axing the opponent cast
Enemy cast is axed 
Each objective token held
Each enemy Star or Co-Star removed from play
Per Health that model had at the start of the episode
Episode special victory conditions
Cabin searched
Per Santa cast searched
+ 1
Each enemy Star or Co-Star with one or more statuses
You hold the Key