Sunday 7 June 2015

2015-05-31 Conwy Wargames Club 1/72 WW1 Air combat

For the monthly Conwy Wargames Club in May new member Chris volunteered to put on a WW1 air combat game using 1/72 planes. We were warned they were simple rules designed for kids, and in fact he'd played them with kids he taught. Sounds ideal for an afternoon gaming, easy to pick up rules with the focus on fun.

The rules Chris used can be found here: WW1 Air combat rules

We used these for the first 2 games then we moved to the advanced rules developed by Chris but not yet tested. We played the advanced rules in 2 scenario based games.

Game 1 - 2 players squared off in a dog fight. Since there were 6 of us this was actually 3 games on 3 tables.
Game 2 - The players from 2 tables joined each other for a mass dog fight, shortly joined by the final 2 players once their dogfight had concluded on table 3.
Game 3 - Hunt the Red Baron. A British squadron tries to intercept the Red Baron caught  on his own behind his lines.
Game 4 - A Russian  Alexander Kazakov must ram the German planes as his machine guns are jammed. A British squadron comes to his rescue

What great fun we had. The landlord of the The Anglers popped in because we were laughing so much at each others misfortune and the tall tales being told he thought he was missing out. The joy of simple rules is that they allow more chatter. We also met a prospective new member who popped in to say hello and who had timed it perfectly to join the start of Game 4.

Teaser pictures from the games with follow up posts for the After Action Reports as quick as I can write them.

Game 1

Yours truly against Tony

Dave and Pete rewrite the history of the Third Reich

Pete and Dickey duke it out

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4