Saturday 6 July 2019

7TV Zombie Apocalypse

Using a combination of the 7TV apocalypse rules and markers from the 7ombie TV game (thing Apocalypse 1st edition) I ran a scenario where 2 casts of survivors searched a country road pile up for supplies.

A road well and truly blocked

The markers are zombie spawn points (rules taken from 7ombie TV)

Our first group of survivors. A group formed from Welsh Rugby Union supporters, fanatically keen to ensure Rugby Union doesn't go the way of civilisation.

At the other end of road fans of the Cornetto films and Tin Tin set off 

The film lovers disturb the first zombies

The Rugby survivors advance cautiously.

Zombies dispatched our heroes move on searching the vehicles as they go

The rugby fans attract attention but knock the zombie down, but got too close and got a does of radiation 

Both teams are rather handy with their guns which attracts zombies from the woods

The rugby fans search thoroughly e.g. find nothing and keep rolling for something in the same vehicles 

The film fans start attracting alot of attention

1st fan down

Otto the dog and Karen search the bus. Otto finds a golf club

Shaun and Liz are being followed

Another zombie approaches our happy couple

Karen and Otto battle 2 bloaters. They manage to push them back. Otto and Karen try to escape out of the back of the bus but Otto comically fails to fit himself and his golf club through the window (failed agility roll). Dropping the club he faces the 2 bloaters kills one whicgh blows up taking out the other bloater which also blows up. Slipping and sliding through the gloop Karen goes back in to the bus says good bye to the now deceased Otto and retrieves the golf club

Our Welsh rugby fans have their hands full

The rad zombie gets up

Otto joins Ed

As a wicked umpire I play the patient zero card and one of the rugby union fans cough gets a lot more serious very quickly removing him from the game.

Zombies from the woods mill around the bus

Shaun, Liz and Karen join up and make the fields

The Welsh rugby survivors keep battling the stream of zombies

Finally dispatching their foes the rugby fans move around the caravan

The film vans loose Liz and the game