Wednesday 26 December 2012

Christmas Game progress

Recovering from a great Christmas day with some painting and then writing up Friday's Christmas game casts and plots.

The sleigh pilot is painted and varnished. I just need to matte varnish him and finish the base which will get done tomorrow. 

I've also finished the crash site. I decided not use modelling clay of liquid green stuff because I was concerned with drying times so I attempted to hide the joins but gave it a go using paint. 

Finished crash site with hole formed by the protective force field which melted the stone  which is still bubbling.

As we speak I'm writing up the casts and plots.

So what's still left to do:

  • Layout board 
  • Episode(s) titles to be decided - being done now
  • Decide which episodes to play - now more confidently looking at 3 played in different sections of the board - being done now
  • Create cast lists for: UNIT, North Pole Rescue Rangers and Moon Nazi's. Most of this is currently in my head, such as names the true work is to marry these up with stats - being done now
  • Decide on which event cards and gadgets to use. These are a must as they will be fun.
  • Inform chums what figures they need to bring and provide Episode write ups pre-game.