Saturday 22 April 2017

Salute 2017 Addiction

Today I have mostly spent my computer/ipad time looking at photos from Salute. The best site I've found other than Facebook is Wargame Terrain blogspot. So far my favourite pictures are of the Scarif X Wing game, Warlords Crimean War plastic Russians (their on a spru this year, rather than the 3 ups of the last 3 years), Perry Miniatures 3 ups of Zulus, and Warlord's Daleks and Cybermen.

Friday 14 April 2017

2014-03-30-cannon-show Post Restored

I've noticed a couple of my posts have had the links to the pictures fail. I'm pretty sure this happened a while ago while I was getting to grips between the switch over from Google Picassa to Google Photos. I store my photos in the cloud and on  a hard drive and with the joys of auto back up from the hard drive and mobile devices I manage to get multiple copies of everything. I duly deleted said copies in 2014 and hay presto destroyed the links in a a view posts, but not all luckily.

So I've now finally restored my show report of Cannon in Retford  to all it's glory!


Thursday 13 April 2017

Pike And Shotte To Kill A King arrived today

Lovely book. Good summary of a complicated period. As with many Warlord publications lots of lovely pictures and well written, but there is always the odd typo left in. I'm not an expert on the period but the lists looked good to me and more character, as you would expect for a period specific book, than rules I've used back in the 90's. I can't comment on the rules section as I need to read the Pike and Shotte rules first. This supplement certainly makes we want to do this and has awakened an interest in this period. I thought I preferred the Thirty Years War but I'm now not sure now. I have sizable English Civil War armies that were purchased decades ago, played with once and left boxed since. I think they may be coming out to play!

Sunday 9 April 2017

15mm to 28mm Dinosaurs

After another tip off on my next trip to B&M bargains I found a box on small dinosaurs for £2.99.  Bargain!
The set.  28mm babies or full size in 20 or 15mm. The dinosaurs sitting on their tails in the traditional pose I thought perhaps I'd put a bit of green stuff utility belt on them and use them as intelligent dinosaurs.

The box

6 carnivores for 28mm games

3 Pterodactyls I think I'll use either as babies or mixed with some figures I don't own of 'intelligent' Pterodactyls armed with weapons that I've seen.

Conwy Wargames Club 2017 WW2 Naval

Alex hosted a clash between The Imperial Japanese Navy and the US in WW2. Mel and Ian played the US and Tony the Japs. It was closely fought, ending on a Japanese victory but if it'd gone another round Tony's torpedoes could  have changed the result.