Friday 14 August 2015

Conwy Wargames Club WW1 Air combat Game 4

The final game of the day.


The Red Baron and 2 wing men are chasing the Russian pilot Pyotr Nikolayevich Nesterov. Pyotr's plane has taken damage and his guns do not work however he can use his trade mark ramming technique. Coming to his rescue are a flight of British planes.

The Game

The Germans start in front of Nesterov blocking his escape

This game saw us use some homemade rules Chris had introduced for climbing and diving (as well as ramming). We quickly got the hang of things, and promptly missed used the rules by becoming highly aerobatic and impossible to hit. Chris picked up on our errors and got us back on track flying more like the WW1 planes.

The Germans blaze away and do little damage

The British arrive

At this point in the game we were still using the climbing and diving rules incorrectly but it does look atmospheric

Once Chris had restored order to our manoeuvring we began to take hits but by home time we'd all survived and had a jolly good time! 

Rapid Fire Pacific Game on Sunday

Organisers will be at the Penrhynside community centre and 9am on Sunday 16th August. Players to arrive by 10am.

Tea and coffee lovers to bring their favourite blends as there is a kettle and mugs on site. Bring your own lunches or you can pop to the shops in Penrhyn Bay.