Monday 15 October 2012

X Wing

Fantasy Flight games have launched a Wings Of War style Star Wars fighter combat game. I'd seen the marketing on Tabletop Gaming Network (TGN) website and it looked interesting particularly the miniature ships. The game has everything you need in the box including the highly detailed painted miniature ships, the ships are a nice size as well around 2" high and 2" wide, including the base.

I saw the game at Derby and recommended it to Chris, who like myself is a fan of Star Wars. He duly purchased it and some expansion packs. It's first game outing was yesterday. I wasn't in attendance but Guy's feedback that it was fantastic with 3 games played in 2 hours, which included learning the rules has convinced me to go out and invest in a set. As I have nephews who enjoy the odd game and they are due a visit I had enough ammunition to clear the purchase with the financial commissar  Mrs Gregory.

I've looked around the web and at the time of writing Amazon is the cheapest at £24, particularly with free delivery. Interestingly some of the the expansion packs are cheaper as well, but the cost of postage from those suppliers through Amazon means that people like Wayland games are best for your add on Advanced Ties and Y wings at £12 each.

So now armed with all this knowledge I will part with my cash and await my delivery to start dog fighting in a galaxy far far away.....