Monday 12 May 2014

The agonies of moving

It looks like we're finally going to be moving with all the fun that entails. It was announced in the household today that the years of carefully hoarded useful items such as cardboard cat food boxes (houses - an estate's worth), insulation squares  (hills etc to cover several tables) among others shall not be travelling with us. Gasp followed by explanation of their importance e.g. the new house has room for all terrain ideas I have. Cold logic about not having time to make said terrain because we're buying a 'fixer upper' that my own plan can't see us finishing till 2016 and the space it will take up in the van was the reply. 

That was this morning, and I am just about getting over the shock. Luckily the top floor of the house has been granted to me if all goes through successfully. The top floor that is way bigger than the battle bunker that is the garage. I do like the sound of the Wargames Eyrie. 

There is a condition..... It all has to be neat and tidy..... Of course it will! I have already identified the basement as place to hide the new really useful hoard. Mwhahahahah