Monday 27 October 2014

My oldest 20mm WW2 Germans

I needed a Heer sniper team for the Battle Group Ponyri campaign so I raided the plastics box for inspiration and I found the chaps in the photos. They are both soft plastic figures from my childhood that I'd kept. I believe they are both Airfix. The chap aiming is a Mountain trooper and the chap I am using as a spotter is Wehrmacht from the 1960's.  Now the spotter chap actually predates my childhood as it was purchased by my Dad to play with his younger brother probably in the mid to late 1960's.

1960s German on left and 1970's German in right. The clear liquid on the right hand rifle is glue. I didn't get chance to do my usual PVA wash, paint, gloss then mat spray to give them strength and the rifle broke in the line of duty. The blob of glue will hopefully save it and I'll mask it with some flock which will make him look more like a sniper... I hope.

I'm really proud I can use such a vintage toy in my games today especially one with such a family connection.

I also field a Stuka which still had string on it from hanging from my bedroom ceiling as a kid. Unfortunately it didn't see action over Ponyri but has supported my forces in other games for many years.