Friday 16 May 2014

Off to Triples but which day?

Triples wargames show in Sheffield has landed a rare sunny British weekend. Since I'm going on my own, my usually colleagues either going to Phalanx or Partizan instead, I don't have a constraint on which day I go. As previously mentioned we are head height in packed boxes and more to do in readiness for the long march to Wales. Sunny weather means I can sort out the sheds without getting wet. The best forecast is for Saturday, which logic then says I go Sunday, but I've been looking forward to going and seeing all the eye candy and I'm not sure I can wait. My usual argument for going Saturday after settling when friends are going is traders stock levels. Day 1 is always better than day 2, but the wallet is staying at home, apparently I've
A) just bought a house
B) whatever I buy I'd have to pack
C) there will be no time to paint/read/stroke/play with purchases until an unspecified point in the future.

..... I have decided. I shall make up my mind tomorrow!