Saturday 20 April 2013

Albion Triumphant Vol 2 Waterloo has arrived

I've been looking forward to this additional volume of the Napoleonic supplements for Warlord Game's Black Powder rules. Volume 1 was about the Peninsular War which I enjoyed, although I did find the small errors niggling. I confess the 100 Days is my favorite Napoleonic campaign and this book is full of great photographs and is written in friendly style. No blow by blow history but focus on the playing the game to recreate the campaign. I haven't read it from cover to cover but have skimmed through it for a couple of hours reading the bits that caught my eye.

Similar to volume 1 there are ideas for rule amendments. I particularly like the addition command rule for Corps commanders and I'm looking forward to trying out the artillery grazing rules.  The 3 scenarios that are included are excellent and have caught my imagination and I'm looking forward to playing them (although I now need to buy a Brunswick Brigade and more Prussians as my collection is lacking these in numbers). I liked the fact that the army lists in the scenario stated whether the battalions are large, standard or small nice and clearly. I, however, personally like to see the historical names of the battalions in a list, this is a minor quibble as I can get this information from my numerous books, plus there omission saves space.

Great book, well presented and I'm looking forward to reading it in detail.