Wednesday 30 November 2016

7TV Christmas game rehearsal

It's that time of year when my club Conwy Wargames Club meets for the last time before 2017. Since they'd never played 7TV before I thought I'd introduce them to it with a Christmas game. I'd played 2 previous episodes using 1st edition rules back in my old stomping grounds, so this was a fresh start with the 2nd edition. Since I'd not played the new version before I first needed to come up with an Episode 3 then convert my casts from 1st to 2nd, and check I knew the new version.

The best way for me to achieve all this play a game. So here's my photo record of the rehearsals for Episode 3 'He's making a list, he's checking it twice'

Santa's cast. I couldn't find all the cards I wanted so I used a Demon Dog villainous card to represent Rudolph (in my imagination). 

Overall I found it quite simple to pick cards to use for my 1st edition cast. There wasn't as much detail and character that I would have with a 1st edition cast but we always forgot to use a weapon or special trait so a simpler cards with all the information to hand are ideal.

North Pole Rescue Rangers

Dobby and Rudolph

Santa and Miss Naughty and Nice

The Moon Nazi cast. I couldn't find a card for Minion support weapons so I used the Army support card instead. I couldn't find a card for the flamethrower either. Are they not included in the box?

Otto Von Klank is the star and I made a decision to recast the co stars as the cards didn't quite fit how I used the originals. Their names to be decided after the rehearsal when I write the players briefs.

I forgot to put Santa's sleigh in the top photos

The set. Santa's portal bottom left. The control centre in the middle and the hole top right the tunnel dug under the protection field.

My opponent 

The Portal, closed for now. Probably one of many around the globe to allow Santa to get around quickly!

The portal control room. The Moon Nazi's need get inside to see what secrets they can find before getting away

The first thing I did was to place objectives. I hadn't spotted this is the Directors guide, but noticed it in the Producers guide

Dobby was put in charge of the portal control centre. I suspect he may not be paid since he's expected to sleep where he works. I placed an objective marker here. I liked how these worked in the game 

The closed portal. My idea is that Santa gets everywhere on Christmas Eve through the use of portals of instantaneous travel. He probably needs to bend time as well.

Camouflaged Control Cabib 

Re-used crash site from Episodes 1 and 2 as the tunnel the Moon Nazi tunnelling machine has made.

It arrives

I think it looks rather effective. I release that to stop the Moon Nazis using it like a tank I need to make it a scenery piece and weave the reason in to the players brief.

The Aufklarungsmol (name translated by Google)

Just in time I remembered to dish out gadgets.
The Moon Nazi scientist leads the way with the star pointing directions from the back.

I used the Landrover card to represent the Moon Nazi tunnelling machine
Star still leading from the back while everyone heads for the cabin except for a jack booted sadist making a run for the objective bottom right.

My opponent observes his deployment and the lovely countdown card which stops the Elf from doing anything

With a loud whoosh the portal opens and a sleigh flies and the elf makes run for it carrying the the precious portal key.

Still in Act 1 and everyone begins to line up to shoot it out. Santa himself seizes an objective (yes I no he doesn't have a beard but we all know their false). Far right Miss Naughty and Nice Santa's co star sprints for another

The Moon Nazi's get some good shots in and the North Pole Rescue Rangers need to use a gadget card. Rudolph is knocked down by a countdown card

A Moon Nazi tech passes his body stat test and slides into the cabin through the window. Lesson learnt in the club game change the cabin orientation to allow both sides equal opportunity to get to the door.

North Pole Rescue Rangers support weapon blasts the Moon Nazi Scientist taking her out and the technician in the cabin. A blow to the Moon Nazi's as they hadn't had a chance to conduct a mind test and discover anything useful.
As Santa's forces fall back having suffered from more than usual accurate fire from Stormtroopers, the Moon Nazi's advance. The star Otto Von Klank still points the way from the rear

Lucky countdown card. Co stars square off

Got the rules wrong here. Knocked a stunned character down and used the wrong token. Still Miss Naughty and Nice has taken a wound and Santa comes in to help. The objective hasn't been taken yet as everyone has been too busy fighting

Co Star Rudolph leads the North Pole Rescue Ranger in to the control cabin

Overhead cloud obscures view

Tricky card this as it takes opponents in to cover in this episode

The Moon Nazi's try to get into the cabin a second time

The cabin is contested. The jackbooted sadist having recovered from being stunned from before used a jet pack to get to the cabin to be stunned again

Otto von Klank urges his men forward

The opponent decide to throw in the towel as his Moon Nazi's were losing

He may have gotten a bit of tree stuck to his nose

Both casts are axed but pass their tests and I play on

Both casts get even smaller

By now I'd sussed axed casts and both sides kept passing their spirit test until Otto von Klank all alone decided enough was enough. I learnt a lot playing the game through both in how the rules work and in how I need to tighten the episode so that the narrative, hence game play, makes clearer sense to my players.

Lessons learnt:

1. Objectives and gadgets need sorting before play.
2. Tighter narrative and victory conditions to give the game focus.
3. Check status's and the correct token to use.
4. Rotate Control Cabin so both sides have the same distance to travel to get in through the door
5. Need card sleeves
6. Use stickers to put names on card sleeves so they reinforce the narrative.
7. The vehicles need to scenery once they arrive on board and include the reason in the players brief.
8. Take gadgets out of the pack that don't suit the scenario
9. Support weapons I am using can't move and fire.
10. Give the Moon Nazis a choice of support weapon. The HMG may be better than the panzershreck.