Friday 17 April 2020

Solo, Rogue One, Rebels, First Order and Resistance

X Wing ships from Rebels, figures sort of related to the cartoon from by childhood collection

Armada ships that appeared in Rebels

Not sure any of these characters appeared in the cartoon but they remind me of ones that did.

Scum and villainy from the films, cartoons and books

The converted storm trooper was my Dad's attempt at Boba Fett to make sure I wasn't disappointed one Christmas. Now the figure reminds of the Mandalorian

Mix of everything 

Great knees. Force Awakens trilogy on the left

Last Millennium Falcon in Rise of Skywalker look to the left of the Falcon from Solo 

I will tidy up the wires, and Rogue one X Wings ships on the right

Tuesday 14 April 2020

The Star Wars collection

I decided to merge my X Wing and Armada collection with my childhood Star Wars figures and display them by film. It's not till I got all the toys out do you realise how much I have.

I have some of the old toy vehicles and ships but there is definitely no room for them when I dig them out of the loft!