Thursday 3 January 2013

Happy New Year

I hope you've had a great Christmas I have. I need to do some catching up with my after action reports. I promised a write up on the 2nd Battlegroup Kursk game we played and I've now have the Christmas game of 7TV title 'Moon Nazi's Steal Christmas' to do. I'd planned to play 3 games of  'Moon Nazi's...' but a brain fail by me meant that we played just the one, but fun was still had by all. We play the next episode next Tuesday, chums work commitments permitting.

Other highlights including finishing a unit of Napoleonic French I've been painting for 2 years on and mostly off. Quite chuffed with that. I also managed to see the Hobbit, which I heartily recommend, plus Rise of the Guardians a great Christmas film which gave me ideas for future Christmas games.

Talking of future I haven't finalised the war gaming goals for 2013 or show attendance. I like to put the shows in the calendar early to avoid holidays etc being booked at the same time. Mind you I missed 3 last year as I was off in foreign climes instead. Although I missed seeing lots of inspirational games I did save money, and through the power of the Internet was much more targeted with my purchasing.

Which projects to start which to finish? Decisions, decisions. Without going to look my choices are:

  • Full Thrust NAC mega fleet to be painted
  • 28mm Crimean War British and Russians to be painted
  • 28mm Anglo Zulu war   Rorkes' Drift to be built and painted plus the defenders and attackers to be made and painted.  Me being me, there is also the beginning of a collection to play Isandhlwana games.
  • 28mm Mongol and Sung Chinese armies to be painted
  • 28mm Warring States Han army to be finished off, and a complete opponent army to be painted.
  • 28mm Franco Prussian add on units to both my French and German armies. Mostly cavalry.
  • 28mm Napoleonic British Penninsular and Waterloo brigades to built and painted plus French Guard and various French cavalry. These are add ons to my existing armies.
  • 28mm Bibical add on units for my Egyptians, Hittites and Sea People's. My wife likes to remind me that these were brought before we were married, when I took her for a day out at the Foundry factory who were having a sale.
  • 20mm Korean War add on units to be painted, mainly North Korean and Chinese, plus finishing painting a load of tanks (many being used in my current WW2 games).
  • 20mm add on units of plastic figures some dating to my Dad's youth to be painted, spruced up and based for the Afrika Korps and 8th Army.
  • 20mm plastics for the Pacific including Aussies, Japs and US marines.
  • 20mm plastics for eastern and western front WW2 including making and painting some vehicles and aircraft.
  • 28mm VBCW and cross over figures for SCW, including some vehicles and a plane to make and paint.
  • 28mm pulp figures mainly modern post apocalypse to paint plus some female zombies to make and paint.
  • Base a load of temperate and tropical trees
  • Paint the star gate
  • Paint the Japanese and Egyptian buildings. Some part painted during moments of enthusiasm. 
  • Paint some 1990's fantasy figures, including rebuilding an Orc warlords chariot from Grenadier and finishing a dragon I haven't touched with a paint brush since I was 18.
  • Paint and base some Ottomans, whose actual period I haven't 100 % marked down
  • Various 25mm ancients to add to existing armies, plus a box Immortal miniatures plastic Greeks to make and paint.
Right I am going to stop there. I think I've covered a backlog going back 25 years here, some I must say in my defence I have inherited from my late Dad.