Friday 26 June 2015

Conwy Wargames Club WW1 Air combat Game 3

The 3rd game of the day saw us graduate to the advanced rules and a scenario game.

The advanced rules were additions to the free rules added by Chris. These were rules for height which in summary were:

In the command phase you set which altitude you are at by playing a climbing card - max move 2 out of 4 altitudes, diving and flying level.

Collisions now mean planes crash during movement.

During the firing phase if you were diving you had a shortened range and less dice.

The Scenario

A British squadron is patrolling in no ones land specifically to catch the Red Baron alone and shoot him down.

The British have 4 planes (Dave, Dickey, Pete and Pete)

The Red Baron (me), and Tony with 2 German planes that can come to the Barons rescue.

The Red Baron starts the game behind the German lines and air defences (the British don't know about the air defences)

The Game
The British squadron ready for the revenge

Squadron leader Dave reduces his flight by 50% by colliding with Dickey. Words were said. 

The Red Baron flies away from the British drawing them forward.

Pete flies in to flack and takes 3 hits

The Brits close in 

The Red Baron strikes and the British are down to 1 plane

Pete the last hope for the British chases the Baron over German air defenses and doesn't make it out!
Victory to the Red Baron!! My smugness at winning 3 games in a row was becoming a physical presence in the room.

Conwy Wargames Club WW1 Air combat Game 2

The second game of the day started with Dave, Pete, Pete and Dickey finishing their game 1's first and deciding to move to 1 table and fight it out. Once Tony and I had finished we too flew over and joined in.

The British form up,  Pete and Pete

The 4 planes split off to fight it out one on one with Dickey's German plane taking the first hits. Then in to the mix arrived my Red Baron and Tony's newly selected British pilot: Phil Fulford

Lots of manoeuvring

Planes overlap and the Red Baron gets in to position. Dickey controversially uses a rule whereby flying off table wipes your hits off. This is allowed then banned going forward, only allowing 1 hit to be removed using this tactic. 

First blood to the Baron! Pete's plane goes down in flames. History changed as Billy Bishop is downed by the Red Baron

Next the Baron nearly ends Tony's game

The Baron's superior flying skills ends Jim Mcudden's career and the final Pete is out of the game 

Tony downs Dave to be in turn downed by the Ace Red Baron

The Red Baron wins!