Friday 12 June 2015

Conwy Wargames Club WW1 Air combat Game 1

The first game we split in to pairs on the 3 tables to battle it out using the basic rules in one on one dog fighting.

Table 1 Dickey and Pete

Dickey took to the air for Germany as Ernst Udet and Pete flew as the Canadian Billy Bishop.

 They started heading straight for each other

 Jockeyed for position firing at every opportunity

Then played chase

 Dickey proved the better pilot downing Pete's Billy Bishop

Victory for Udet

Table 2 Dave and Pete

Dave took on the persona of Herman Goring flying for the Kaiser and Pete took the role of Jim McCudden a British Ace.

The game started with both players trying to get in to position to get a shot

Pete proved to be better at this than Dave

As the above picture testifies Dave got one shot at Pete scoring 3 hits but Pete changed history by shooting down the future head of the Luftwaffe.

Table 3 Myself and Tony

The final table saw Ian as the Red Baron face off against Tony as Eddie Rickenbacker in a borrowed plane

 Tony flew straight at the Baron who banked left to make sure he wasn't in Tony's line of fire

Tony adjusted his flight plan while the Baron fluffed his move flying in the right direction but facing the wrong way

The chase was on

The Baron scores the first hits

Both planes move in close with Tony's Rickenbaker scoring some hits

Rickenbacker couldn't avoid the Baron's accurate flying and firing

The longest running game 1 ended with a win for the Baron!