Monday 22 April 2019

Feb 2019 ACW 15mm game

Dave hosted a  American Civil War game using the Black powder 2 rules and the Glory Hallelujah supplement. We played on a 6x4 table length ways and the scenario was 2 evenly matched sides encountering each other.

I commanded the Union forces and Ian the Confederates.

The table

The key junction to control

I deploy

In column of march on the road to make a dash for the junction

I deployed the artillery straight away to dominate one side of the table

The Rebs approach

Ian was concerned about poor command rolls so opted for march column to guarantee forward movement 

Slow going in the woods

I won the race to the junction and busied myself creating a defence. Ian managed to get a battery in place early on to dominate the road which was painful.

The red dice show units with casualties

Moving to create an overlap on my left

My battalion controlling the road benefited greatly from the musket and artillery fire from my right wing

My right wing dominating the Confederate left disordering it with a large volume of fire

My cavalry amazingly still holding on to the wood

The Rebs pouring it on but receiving more in return

I didn't reach the church, and I thought it too exposed, with good reasons as the Rebs get ready to take it.

Reb centre suffering

The Rebs make hard going of the fences

Reb view of the junction

The Reb left finally develops their attack

My right wing moves to the right to cover the coming flanking attack

My shooting is slowing the attack

The Rebs spot the obvious gap between my wings and send their cavalry in to the gap to shot at from traversing fire that disorders them

The End. The Union hold the junction and the Rebs although not broken are not far off a total collapse if they continue to attack. I really enjoyed this game and liked to added flavour the optional rules from Glory Hallelujah gave.