Tuesday 19 June 2018

Battle Group Market Garden Campaign Game 1

My first game saw my veteran British paras (borrowed from Dave) face off against Andys' German armoured reconnaissance force. The scenario was the Recon game from the rules.

The table before our forces entered.

First moves. Andy won the recon phase so I took a battle rating chit. By taking a German recon force he gained extra scouting points although I had more dedicated recon units. In an attempt to redress the battle rating balance I had the recon jeeps go full throttle, 1 for the objective, the other in to a flanking position to bring down artillery with it's observer.

The sole German armoured car

Recon jeep with artillery observer trying to find a safe place to observe

My paras begin to take positions

I have 3 battle ratting chits. 1 from being out scouted, 1 from the recon that reached the centre board objective being destroyed, and 1 for losing said objective!

In position to call in the artillery

This cost me 2 battle rating chits. The more I take the more my force's ability to fit is degarded. My battle rating score was around 40 so I could take some punishment. The average chit value is 2.

Andy's observers get comfy

My paras start taking up ambush positions

My engineers jogging towards the enemy

German artillery merrily pinning my 6pdr anti tank gun and surrounding units

PIAT ready to make Jerry pay

Lots of Jerry armour

Jerry passes past the now blown up recon jeep that had failed to call in the disruptive artillery fire on such a rich target of open topped vehicles

More armour and resupply trucks

Andy's Germans very much in control.

Still no British artillery fire

If only the Germans would come closer!

German artillery reliably arriving and killing and pinning like I want mine too

My corner start point is getting crowded with units and battle rating chits

More pinned units

At last ... but I'm pinned

Andy fully in control of the board 

My furthest advance burning in the centre of the board

Andy even had time to threaten my other flank. Good German tactics, horrible British artillery dice and deserved win for Andy.

Saturday 9 June 2018

Battle Group Market Garden Day 1

Some of the tables 9 Allies and 9 Germans fought over at the Battle Group Market Garden campaign weekend managed by Iron Fist publishing and hosted by the Deeside Defenders at the Wings Social club in Broughton.