Friday 17 January 2014

Very early wargame in my career - 54mm


1980s Britain in a back garden a war was being waged against the forces of the American Civil War and their Wild West allies by the united Napoleonic factions.


The Americans must hold the castle and get the supply train through the besiegers.

The Napoleonics need to stop the supplies getting through and take the castle.


None but the joy in my head


Airfix Highlanders
Airfix British line infantry
Airfix French line infantry
Airfix French Imperial Guard Grenadiers
? French Imperial Guard Grenadiers
Britains Detail British Guard (not Nap but logically fit in my head)
Britains Detail British Life Guard cavalry
Britains Detail British Scots Greys
Timpo British Scots Greys
Britain's Detail French Chasseurs a Cheval
Britain's Detail French Curassieurs
1 x cannon

American Civil War and Wild West Allies
Britains Detail Union Infantry
Britains Detail Confederate Infantry
Britains Detail dismounted US cavalry
Airfix dismounted US cavalry
? Union Infantry
Timpo Union Infantry
Britains Detail Union Cavalry
Britains Detail Confederate Cavalry
Various makes cowboy supply train
1 x Confederate gun and limber
1 x gun deployed in castle

The Game

The pictures tell the story

The wall is breached by the Highlanders

The supply convoy battles it's way through

A Confederate makes his way to the top of the castle to taunt the attackers

The siege ladders are hurried to the walls taking fire from the defenders

The British infantry take casualties as the support the cavalry attack on the supply train which is hacking its way through

The rear of the castle is defended by Custer and his men who are taking a toll on the attacking French who throw grenades as they charge in (they are grenadiers after all,and are modelled with some)

The fighting was desperate with only part of the supply train making it in side. The waggons that were cut off made a desperate last stand outside the walls.

The storming parties took horrendous casualties but made it over the wall forcing the defenders back to the base of the tower.The American cannon swept the castle square with grape shot, miraculously not hitting their own supply train as it made it inside.

Although the 3 walls had fallen the final wall held by Custer fought on preventing the Napoleonics from taking the cannon from behind. The Tower held!

The Napoleonics had run out of men.... and then the dead were cleared and in came a second wave!!!

The British always won. No bias honest.