Friday 28 August 2015

Next Star Wars Armada game

I'm putting on a Star Wars Armada game this Sunday for the Conwy Wargames Club. It will give me a chance to play with my birthday presents which is always good news. I just need to decide how many ships to play with. I expect 3 players and with myself 4. My fleet now totals:

1 x Gladiator class Star Destroyer
2 x Victory class Star Destroyers
7 x TIE squadrons
2 x TIE Advanced squadrons
2 x TIE Interceptor squadrons
2 x TIE bomber squadrons

1 x Assault frigate Mk2
2 x Nebulon B frigate
2 x CR90 Corvette
7 x X wing squadrons
2 x Y wing squadrons
2 x B wing squadrons
2 x A wing squadrons