Monday 14 August 2017

Royal Welch Fusilier (23rd Foot) Museum - Boxer Rebellion

Boxer drum and weapons

Picture on the right is the engine shed defended by 2RWF and the US Marines in Tientsin

Royal Welch Fusiliers (23rd Foot) Museum - Seven Years War

There was a large section on the Seven Years War. I didn't photo everything just the bits that caught my eye. I liked the diorama of the Battle of Minden. It was set at a height that you could look down the musket barrels at the charging cavalry.

Battle of Minden 1st August 1759

Royal Welch Fusilier (23rd Foot) Museum

I took the opportunity to pop into the Royal Welch Museum in Caernarfon castle while I was there. It's much larger than when I last visited and completely different. If I remember it used to be in one tower now it's in 2, with displays in the walk way between them. Well worth a visit.

Celebrating the regiments sporting achievements. A very dramatic picture.