Sunday 15 December 2013

Mystery 25mm Colonial figures

This afternoon I set out to discover who made some Zulu War figures and terrain I had. In the search I discovered some 25mm foot to eye Colonial figures suitable for fighting in the Sudan. They stood out or more correctly didn't as they were dwarfed by rest of the Colonial collection which is Connoisseur in the majority.
Anybody know who made these?


20/25mm Rorkes Drift made by ....?

Compared to my Warlord Games Rorkes Drift I own a tiny 20mm or 25mm version. It goes nicely with my 23mm metal figures and the supporting cast of old ESCI 1/72 plastics.

Anybody know who I would have bought this from in the 1990s?

Who made these Zulu War British?

To oppose the mysterious Zulu I also have some British regular infantry, cavalry and sailors supported by so Frontier Light Horse. Them seem to be the same make and scale as the Zulus being 23mm foot to eye.

Another challenge fellow bloggers to identify who made these gents?

Who made these 23mm Zulus?

I have some figures in my collection that I have no idea who made them. While I'm deciding to sell them I'd like to know a bit more about them. Obviously these 23mm foot to eye chaps don't know they could be off on a journey, but they can't help to have noticed they don't fit in with the 28mm lovelies in the plastic pile.

So blog land any clue who made these?

This is the first Impi out of the box, there are another 2 thumping their shields inside.