Tuesday 3 July 2018

Conwy Wargames Club 15mm Peninsular Napoleonic

Mel hosted a 15mm Peninsular Napoleonic game which pitted French forces commanded by Mel against Allied British, Portuguese and Spanish force commanded by Dave.

Based on a historical battle the French were all classed as unformed as they had been surprised at breakfast by the Allied force. The rules used were General de Brigade.

Spanish cavalry take the offensive

British advance

95th Rifles attempt to disorder the guns

British cavalry

British cavalry with a Spanish brigade in support

British artillery

British light bobs

French shake out their defence

Spanish brigade

Allied bottom and French top

French defend the village

British assault

French cavalry

French artillery holds it's own

Spanish cavalry retreat having done some damage, including the destruction of a French battalion

The French will not be budged from the village

French advancing to the right away from the British cavalry - what do they know?

They are subtlety making way for French reinforcements

The final moments of the battle were not seen but heard by my humble self. The French reinforcements arrived but the grand manoeuvre to sweep the Allies from the field came a cropper to the good old 'you can't fit through there in that formation' followed by the well heard 'you can't change formation and then do that'. Much rule searching followed, resulting in the conclusion that the French manoeuvre failed, resulting in the Allies bottling them up in the village, which  if time allowed would result in a siege.  History was not repeated with a decisive Allied victory.