Sunday 9 April 2017

15mm to 28mm Dinosaurs

After another tip off on my next trip to B&M bargains I found a box on small dinosaurs for £2.99.  Bargain!
The set.  28mm babies or full size in 20 or 15mm. The dinosaurs sitting on their tails in the traditional pose I thought perhaps I'd put a bit of green stuff utility belt on them and use them as intelligent dinosaurs.

The box

6 carnivores for 28mm games

3 Pterodactyls I think I'll use either as babies or mixed with some figures I don't own of 'intelligent' Pterodactyls armed with weapons that I've seen.

Conwy Wargames Club 2017 WW2 Naval

Alex hosted a clash between The Imperial Japanese Navy and the US in WW2. Mel and Ian played the US and Tony the Japs. It was closely fought, ending on a Japanese victory but if it'd gone another round Tony's torpedoes could  have changed the result.