Tuesday 23 December 2014

Wargames Eyrie - Hallway and HQ raw

Here are some pictures before the transformation in to the dream hobby space.

The view up to the Eyrie. The doors straight ahead lead to a bathroom and toilet. These will be knocked in to one with just one door and made in to a family bathroom. I am looking at the rear of the house.

Looking from the bathroom towards the front of the house. The far wall, without the door leading to room 4 will be removed to open up the hallway. Currently there are 2 en-suites behind hiding an arched window looking out to the front.

View from hallway looking to the rear. Jess has been added for scale. If it works this will be my view from  my hobby station when I turn around. The left hand door leads to room 3.

View from the HQ, which will not be too dissimilar from the view from the hobby station in the hallway when the en-suites have been removed.
The current state of the HQ (room 1). The contents of the en-suites piled in an offering for elves to take them downstairs. Job for the new year I think. The left hand door will be blocked up and the rear wall will be filled with book cases.

In the HQ looking towards to the front on the house. The right hand door leads to an en-suite which has been removed and will be blocked up. The current idea is that our work desks will be placed left and right of the window. 
HQ looking towards the front from the other corner. Thoughts so far are for a sofa and table  with a TV on the chimney breast.right. The hallway window is the same as this one.