Sunday 14 October 2018

Battle Group Market Garden Campaign Day 2

Day 2's other games. Everyone was playing Allied defence German attack. Can the Allies keep the road open, can the paras keep what they've captured!

The Allies start defending the middle of the board, with random number of defenders and then reinforcements are come on after turn 4.
British paras having more luck on this table than I did

Nicely dug in 

Panther camo being effective

Germans massing to take the bridge

The Allies must hold this bridge

Not a lot of land to defend or attack on 

Soggy defenders

Dry defenders

Lots of Allied defences

My mate with my figures attacking over a very narrow front

My poor Germans then faced defenders heaven

Paras defending the square

Well dug in, and they'll need it. I've never seen so many aircraft chits pulled. I'm sure the whole Lutfwaffe was on the board at one point

Para's looking threatened but they won this game

Repeated shelling by the Germans destroyed the bridge and gave them victory

Hard fought battle in the marshes

King Tiger

My mates traffic jam of Germans

Germans sitting back and shelling the defences

Allies just holding on to the bridge

The last picture of the day. The Germans cut the road!