Thursday 31 May 2018

20180128 Conwy Wargames Club 20mm Vietnam

Dave hosted a Force on Force game set in Vietnam. Tony and Ian commanded the Americans, while Chris and I commanded the Vietnamese.

NVA regulars defending the village

The village

The board. US helicopter swooping in to spot for artillery

The armoured patrol

VC defenders

Spotting merrily away but learning that artillery doesn't arrive until the next turn

Bored of waiting for the oppressors to approach the VC go to them

After taking RPG hits the US soldiers disembark

Things are getting lively

US reinforcements chopper in and get shot to pieces

APC is destroyed and the tank retreats to safety

Another APC is destroyed

The tankers support well to the rear

The APC's showing more bravery get stuck in

The NVA second line is untouched

With the majority of the US vehicles destroyed or out of action in one form or another the Vietnamese celebrate their victory.