Friday 8 June 2018

Conwy Wargames Club May Vietnam game

In May Dave hosted another Vietnam war game for the club using his 20mm collection and Force on Force rules.

Mel commanded the Vietnamese who having trapped a US patrol in a village waited to ambush the rescuers.

Tony commanded both the besieged patrol and the heroic saviours.

Us patrol cut off in the VC village

The US rescuers


The white squares are random deployment points

Birds eye view

The patrol occupies the village defences

The rescue rumbles forward in formation

The attack begibs

Intrepid VC

The defenders

Hunkering down under fire

VC pour on the fire

A US squad abandons a burning APC

Taking cover
I missed the final moves but the VC won as a result of being more patient than the Gung Ho US troops who exposed themselves to much to the VC firepower.