Friday 26 April 2019

Battle Group Market Garden Game 3

My third and final game of the 2017 Battle Group weekend hosted by the Deeside Defenders. I had the honour of defending Arnhem. The scenario was from the book.

Great terrain on a 4x4 board.

The scenario did not allow me to deploy all my forces, just what I could dice for

I place my troops in the centre row of building as mutually supporting as I could

The first bombardment destroys my entire left wing 
The Germans arrive and mean business

The fire power directed at my remaining troops pinned them down

The German infantry infiltrated through the building on my left and added their small arms to the lead flying my way, and then charged 

Only my centre held or should I say had troops left. In 1 move the rest of my force would arrive

It wasn't to be. A German armoured car whizzed through barely defended streets and took the last remaining objective for an all objectives held victory. This was the quickest game of Battle Group I've ever played. I'd lost in 4 moves, and my first ever due to losing the objectives. I apologised to my great opponent who felt guilty winning so easily, but my tactics were wrong and my dice failed me. Very important lessons learnt 1. Don't defend so far forward 2. Don't forget about defending objectives. 
Overall I really enjoyed the campaign and I'll definitely refight this scenario again, and hopefully do better.