Thursday 1 December 2016

7TV Christmas game - Santa's brief

Here is the brief I gave the Santa players for my Christmas themed game.

Episode 3 'He's making a list, he's checking it twice'


Flying saucer Nazi’s have stolen a sleigh and have definitely made the naughty list. Now they are trying to break in to one your transport hubs. This cannot be allowed. You have joined the quick response team to find who out who are these WW2 throw backs and ensure they don’t steal anything else.

Cast      50 points of North Pole Rescue Rangers

Santa - Heroic Star Tomorrow Person
Miss Naughty and Nice - Heroic Co-Star Angel of Justice 
Rudolph - I improvised here and used Villainous Co Star Demon Dog
Dobby - Neutral extra Technician
North Pole Rescue Ranger Sergeant - Heroic Extra Dept. X Commando Captain
North Pole Rescue Rangers - Heroic Extra Dept. X Commando
North Pole Rescue Rangers Support Weapon - Heroic Extra Dept. X Commando Support weapon

The episode takes place on a 4’ by 4’ table in Artic circle. The tunneling device has emerged under the force field in one corner. Your control cabin can be seen in the centre and the Portal in the other corner. The rest of the board is rolling hills and scattered trees.

Set Up  
The control room Elf starts in the cabin
The rescue rangers deploy 6” to the side and rear of the sleigh that arrives through the Portal and land 12” in front of it.

And …Action  Moon Nazi’s go first

Special Rules
Mind test on any stunned opponent in base contact means you’ve successfully searched them for information.
The Sleigh can only go back through the Portal with a cast member it cannot travel within the protection field. The Sleigh cannot be destroyed, the Moon Nazi’s were lucky in Episode 1.
The Elf has the key to the portal

End Credits
If the Moon Nazi’s escape in their tunneling device with secrets the game ends.
The game will end if the Moon Nazi tunneling device is destroyed as your reinforcements will overwhelm them.

Victory Points

Victory Point Difference
Level of Victory
Minor Victory
Decisive Victory
Crushing Victory
Epic Victory

Victory Condition
VPs Gained
Enemy has no models in play
Do not also gain VP for axing the opponent cast
Enemy cast is axed 
Each objective token held
Each enemy Star or Co-Star removed from play
Per Health that model had at the start of the episode
Episode special victory conditions
Tunnelling device destroyed
Per Moon Nazi cast searched/captured
+ 1
Each enemy Star or Co-Star with one or more statuses
You hold the key