Wednesday, 23 September 2015

This week I'm...

Re-reading the Hail Caesar rules for the game on Sunday with the Conwy Wargames Club . I do love these rules, lots of flavour and fun to play. As yet I don't know the armies we're using a part from they'll be 15mm armies.

As a club there is a rumbling idea too play the battles from the 1066 campaign using our 25mm and 28mm collections. Rumbling means the idea has been aired, people have agreed it's a great idea, collections that can be used identified and rules discussed. An interesting idea aired was to try different rules for the same game. Surprisingly I've never done that before with the same scenario.


  1. That is a great idea, trying different rules for the same scenario and seeing how each set plays. I bet you get different people liking different sets of rules.

  2. Another idea is to break a battle down into different actions and use different rules for different parts. More skirmish rules for initial encounters with big game rules like Hail Caesar for the main battle...