Friday, 15 November 2013

Warlord Games Black Powder Zulu supplement

I'm very excited. While perusing the new Wargames Illustrated magazine I spotted a Warlord Games advert that included a new Black Powder supplement for the Zulu wars called 'The Washing of Spears' which I take it is a pun on Donald Morris' excellent book 'Washing of the Spears'. The adverts didn't have a release date that I could see, but the forum says it will be out for Christmas. I shall forewarn Santa of the £20 that will be required.

I'll need to speed up with the Crimean War metal mountain to move on to my Zulu War plastic/metal/mdf/resin mountain!

Anyone else notice that the Warlord Games website had gone 'funny'. I preferred the old layout, hopefully it's temporary.

1 comment:

  1. I think the title was unintentional. According to the newsletter it's now Zulu! Kind of short and to the point. It's on pre-order now for delivery early December 13.