Sunday, 18 May 2014

Partizan in a tent

I went to Sheffield Triples and the main buzz among the traders was the news that Kelham Hall was hosting an antique fairs and the show was going in to a marquee. A very big marquee with more floor space than the hall with a floor and lighting. It did make me wonder if this will be the Glastonbury of wargames shows and I'll need to take my wellies. It sounds like it'll be very hot if sunny, muddy if rainy and just right with a mild day. Nor sure how the parking will cope with 2 events on plus they normally have camper as well in the grounds.


  1. I too am thinking the car parking is going to be really bad. We will have ti see what the weather gives us though


  2. As a man who isn't too keen on heat the thought of a hot day in a big tent with 600+ other gamers isn't something I am looking forward to I'm afraid