Saturday, 14 December 2013

Useful pictures for wargaming

I don't know about you but anywhere I go of vaguely historical or military interest I always look at it's potential for translating it into a game, be it a scenario or painting up terrain and figures.

This maxim also goes for packaging and 'bits' and toys, although I am more controlled about these. Literally controlled by she who must be obeyed. Apparently I am not aloud to overrun the house with junk.

Anyway I digress. My megalomania to photo all my games also spills over to the compulsion to photo everything I see of interest on visits to places of note. This desire has been facilitated by the invention of the digital camera. I've also noticed other fellow wargaming blockers sharing their photos of 'stuff' of interest. For while now I thought this was a great idea. Naturally this is always subjective so you've been warned.

I will therefore haphazardly add photos in no order of preference of things that have caught my wargaming eye.

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